Leadership Network Corporation

Sterling Productions is proud of our continuing alliance partnership with Leadership Network Corporation or LNC. For the past 5 years, Sterling Productions has produced 3 events a year sponsored by LNC.

LNC is dedicated to building communities of leaders in select industries. To further that mission, LNC sponsors 3 industry specific annual events. The Outlook Conference is an exclusive networking and education for executives of the convenience store industry. The invitation only Convenience Retailing Conference (CRC). Finally, the invitation only Restaurant Leadership Conference (RLC) where top restaurant owners from around country share information and insights on operating trends and financing for the restaurant business.

Sterling Productions, a marketing partner of the Leadership Network, brought to the each conference it's years of experience in video and film to provide custom video presentations, graphic speaker support, commercials, candids video and interviews with keynote speakers such as Steve Forbes and George Will.

Many of the pre-produced videos were completed on Sterling 's AVID "Symphony", an uncompressed, non-linear editing system by veteran editor David Staples. Kim Walton and David Staples designed the color graphics and video presentations, all digital and some of which were shot on Sony DVCam Cameras, edited, uncompressed, on the AVID Symphony. Staples was also on sight at the conference as post-production producer over-seeing two additional Sterling AVID systems, the Symphony and Adrenaline. The AVIDs were used for the production of the location videos and the CSP Awards presentations.

On location videography was shot on SONY's digital video cameras with 24 progressive film option, in extremely varied lighting situations. Moving quickly inside the different venues, Producers and cinematographers, Kim Walton and Harry Tate were able to move from location to location, in-doors and out, without the use of lighting instruments.

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